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Phoenix Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 4

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Black 405 4 5
White 383 4 5
White/Blue 349 4 5
Blue 349 4 5
Blue 349 4 9
Blue/Green 304 4 9
Green 304 4 9

This dogleg left par 4 requires the player to decide whether to take on the large bunker that guards the left side of the fairway or lay up short of the small pot bunker that guards the right side. If the player decides to take on the bunkers and successfully finds the fairway, they will be left with a short iron to this long narrow green guarded by bunkers front left and right. The green slopes toward the player in the front and slopes severely away from the player in the back. Two-putting from the wrong side of the narrow ridge that runs through the middle of the green is a monumental task. The front hole location seems to provide the best chance at making birdie and back hole locations must be respected as water looms just over the back of the green.
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