Vision & Tradition

Phoenix Country Club’s vision is to be recognized as the leading private country club in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  As has been its tradition since 1899, the Club continues to strive to offer quality amenities promoting traditional holiday events, dining and social activities for all ages, exceptional service for the exclusive enjoyment of its Members and their guests. Capitalizing on its unique setting in the heart of a dynamic downtown, Phoenix Country Club will continue to distinguish itself by offering amenities and services customarily provided by leading country and city clubs throughout the country.

Golf at Phoenix Country Club is rich in history and tradition. The golf course, was redesigned in 2002 to embody its history and tradition, and continues to be maintained at a level that is unsurpassed by any private club in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Since inception, the Club continues to strive in providing an overall golf experience promoting history and tradition.

Phoenix Country Club offers tennis, swimming, fitness and events programming of exceptional quality.  All athletic activities are buttressed by inclusive youth programs and a well-staffed child care facility designed to enhance participation in all Club activities by Members with children.

Dining, banquet facilities, and services at Phoenix Country Club, offer Members the highest quality of service, whether it be for personal or business use.  The Club has several formal and informal dining venues, diverse menu options, and special food and beverage events designed to encourage Members to use the Club as a preferred outside dining resource.

The Board of Directors and Finance Committee ensure its senior management strives to manage Phoenix Country Club in a fiscally conservative manner.  The Club’s operating and maintenance requirements are required to be satisfied by operating revenues.  Funds for expansion of or improvements to the Club’s facilities, when necessary, will only be committed after full funding has been achieved.  Phoenix Country Club will provide a membership experience that will ensure that the Club continues to attract qualified new members.